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I feel like my internet presence has been disjointed and confusing, so I've been trying to merge more things together. I'm going to run down a list of things I have to make it easier to follow what I've been up to. For those who have been playing the game to win, this list will (mostly) seem a bit redundant:


First off, my new band's sites. We've just bought a domain name:

which right now just redirects to our BandCamp site:

The BandCamp site has better quality streams of our music, and you can also download the songs we have up there (and when we have an album, it'll be available for download/purchase there).

We've also got a Myspace at:

where we'll be posting songs and gigs (when we have 'em) and where you can friend us if you have a Myspace.

You can also become a fan of Never Right Now on Facebook:

For good measure we'll be uploading our songs and announcing gigs here as well. There's also the added community aspect of Facebook, because we get to post discussions and links, which I find so super neat.

We hope to get up an actual site soon at our new domain, with lyrics and bio/press kit stuff and blog links and such. In the works: a blog (probably Wordpress, Twitter, a spot at ReverbNation, and (once we begin to amass some video content), YouTube.


My nifty-difty (it's a word now that I've typed it) art blog is at:

And there is an LJ feed located at:

Here I'll post my photos, drawings, fanvids, writing, and of course any developments in the band or music in general. It's DEFINITELY worth following if you like what I do at all, because it'll probably all get mentioned and then linked from there.

I've also got Hieratic updates being crossposted automatically to Twitter.


My Tumblog is at:

I used to have to ship Twitter to LJ (which is apparently an incredible social faux pas) in order to bring my Tumblr posts to my friends list. Now I've created a direct LJ feed:

In my personal Tumblog, I reblog and post all sorts of things 'round the Internet that make me smile, weep, get angry, and, last but not least, think. It's a nice collection of what inspires me on the 'Net, but also of interesting tidbits from sources that might not make the mainstream news. I also tend to post pertinent updates from my other blogs when I remember.

In addition, because of all the inane book covers I run across in the course of my job (which at least in part has me putting up book reviews on a website), I created an additional Tumblr mocking said book covers:

The LJ feed is here:

Some of these seriously have to be seen to be believed.


My Twitter is at:

Twitter is kind of a dumping ground and I'm scared to go there much because with my day and my rampant Internet addiction as full blown as it already is, I really cannot keep up with what kind of sandwich Adam Savage ate for lunch or what Neil Gaiman said to Amanda Palmer over the phone. So this is not used for much more than notifying any readers of Tumblr posts, and now Hieratic posts, that I've made. OCCASIONALLY I will do an actual Tweet. Also our British cell phone has texting capabilities so when I go overseas I'll probably use it again for trip updates.

I think that's it.

OH. Before I forget:

If you have a site (for art, or writing, or whatever) and you'd like to be linked from any of my sites, please let me know. I'd love to include you. I'm especially interested in rebuilding the blogroll for Hieratic. Most of the links from Digitalis will be rolled over but I know some of you might have some new stuff you want to share.


So in other news, today I've got some sort of eyelid swelling going on. It's burny and obnoxious, and I don't want to go out in public. I woke up this way, so I'm not sure what happened. Took some Tavist, which did NOTHING, and applied an icepack to the eye. Nothing is really beating it too well though :(

Also, all my Neko Case arrived, as well as the Doctor Who 2009 specials. The Neko Case is of course awesome, and I've been listening to it all afternoon.

But the specials artwork... ugh. Ok, First off, not enough Master! I'm rather incensed that Wilf gets the other CD for End of Time (Doctor gets the other of course). WTF. The story is about TIME LORDS. Not some doofy old person who... well, maybe that's a spoiler. But he doesn't deserve the Master's place, that's for dang sure. He just got in the way the entire story!

Also, the inside cover art for it is just entirely too melodramatic:

Give me a flippin' break.
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i saw waters of mars last night and it was mostly godawful. although the last ten minutes (or so) were downright delightful, and i mean that sincerely as a devoted master fangirl for whom the tennant "emo-creep" doctor is seriously starting to wear thin.

to commemorate this awesome final ten minutes (or so), and to get ready for the finale, i've decided to rename my child-rats, bruce and harvey. they'll now be known as Time Lord Victorious and Master in a Hoodie, respectively.

i can't wait to notify my vet.

here's a picture of them snuggling wilson, former King Rat now deceased (long live the king).

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wasn't that just our dear friend ron?
throwing your weight around the sun
happier now that you've become
what you hated

and if i don't understand?
i guess it takes all kinds.
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here's an interesting view of the master's personality from someone who's several times been called one of the, if not "the" best master rpers on lj:

i find this particular bit very interesting:

emphasis mine )

i know you have no idea what i'm on about but i feel pretty vindicated right now.
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[12:53] freyja : hm
[12:53] freyja : doesn't 7pounds50 seem excessive for a digital download?
[12:53] penguin42: gah
[12:53] penguin42: is that a song?
[12:53] freyja :
[12:53] freyja : no, an album
[12:53] freyja : but still
[12:53] penguin42: still yeah
[12:53] freyja : that's like, the price of a physical album
[12:53] penguin42: it is
[12:54] penguin42: that's pretty silly
[12:54] freyja : i was going to play nice and buy the download of disk 2 inrainbows
[12:54] freyja : but it's 6 pounds for 8 sounds. just. no.
[12:54] freyja : i meant to say songs, but sounds is funny
[12:54] penguin42: hehe
[12:55] penguin42: especially when reading it in a british accent

what happened, radiohead?


Jun. 5th, 2009 08:59 pm
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since twitter is down for maintenance, you all will get the gem of the hour i was planning on posting there:

came into the middle of a st:tng episode and therefore currently trying to figure out why riker made troi cry. posted 29 minutes ago via web

in other news, today i had an adam savage moment (read: failed majorly) while trying to make my "mount the curb" shirt. basically it's a case of MAH SCREEN IS TOO BIG" and it doesn't fit on the multicolor press frames (or any frame really), therefore making it impossible to line up colors effectively. now the craft center will be closed for two weeks, which gives me enough time to try to buy some smaller screens and try again. one for each color this time. there's a damn reason it's done this way.

so my shirt will have to wait til the end of the month. this makes me sad. it'll get done, but i was really hoping it would be as easy as it was the first time, when i did a proof on paper and it came out brilliant. the instant i tried putting it on the shirt, of course, is when it failed. basically the ink dried in the holes of the screen, gumming it up. and by that time also i couldn't line up by looking through the screen because there was too much damn ink on it :( i spent the next 45 minutes trying to wash the screen out-- this was after the craft center was officially closed, by the way. ugh.

i pretty much just wanted to crawl into a hole and die at the end of that, i felt like such an asshole for wasting everyone's time. what is the worst about it is how long it took, and all for naught. i worked so hard to get it done by tonight and it just didn't happen. i even came in yesterday and tried to do it then, but there was a class all evening. yes, the last week and the day before closing, a class. that is not supposed to happen! so i made the screen but that was all i could do. and i was in such a rush i made the screen in a non-helpful way, which really made things extra difficult today.

but i learned something, didn't i. ugh.

1) must get rid of this screen. maybe i can reclaim the screen part, restretch it onto smaller frames, and ditch the big frame, or come up with some other use for it...

2) plan better. the frame was too big but it would have worked if i'd just measured first.

3) don't wait til the last minute. if it is almost closing and i run into a problem i should quit rather than rant for like an hour and make everyone upset with me and get upset with everyone. it's not worth making a fuss over, it's just a shirt i got for 5 bucks and a screen made with free emulsion/uv and squeegeed with free paint. and there is always next quarter.

at least i can take solace in the fact that, judging by this episode, really i'm no more emotional and self-ignorant than someone on star trek. god, counselor troi is so dense for an empath, it's incredible. it's like watching someone who got chauffeured around her whole life having to learn how to drive a stinky bus. at 40. i just can't relate.
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we bought a new camcorder today to replace our dead optura 50!

well, technically it's used off ebay, so hopefully it will show up with all its parts attached. it's a panasonic gs-400, one of the better prosumer camcorders out there for our price range. it was actually kind of funny (and depressing)-- the original buy it now! price was 900 dollars, but we made a counterbid of 800 dollars, which was automatically accepted. so i guess that means that we could have probably gone lower... argh. everything is so expensive in the tech world, even used tech.

yeah, so expect to have a sorta kickass camcorder shoved in your face next time we meet.

in other news, we had two movie nights with friends in a row. last night we watched tokyo zombie and repo! the genetic opera with mario. leave it to mario to pick the weirdest titles (although i'm not blaming him for repo!, since that was technically my idea). i'm not sure which movie was odder, to be honest, although i will say that anthony stewart head (now and forever known as "tony head" for some reason on whedonesque) was the hottest thing ever in that movie, and his harmonizations with sarah brightman made me glad to be alive. thank you, darren whateveryourlastnamewas, director of saw 3 and 4, for making that special moment happen.

he also bought us ice cream as a belated birthday thing. that is, mario did, not darren wossisname.

tonight we watched happy-go-lucky with anna and anthony, and i was pretty similarly perplexed. i think we all were, honestly? the movie didn't seem to have a plot, and the main character was pretty much a carbon copy of pre-doctor donna noble except her job actually helped people. anna was annoyed with her within about five seconds flat it seemed. but we stuck with it, and we were rewarded with... meh, a non-ending for all intents and purposes. it was still entertaining and i liked the characters quite a bit.

after that we hung around a little while longer and ended up snarking and making up dialogue for a few dollars more, which is just... why did nobody tell me clint eastwood used to be that hot???

also, earlier today we stopped by central park (not the one in nyc, confused non-local readers) for some sort of hula hooping party that was going on. just tons of homemade hoops all over the green, and hippies (who owned the hoops, i'd suppose) wandering around showing people tricks. i've almost learned how to guide the hoop up above my head and back down, and how to shoulder hoop just by watching others get instructed. tomorrow we might go to ace and get the materials to build our own. i am far too excited about this, i know, but hoop dancing just looks so cool. for reference: (lol, the first thing mario said to this was "she should get better taste in music" but i think he was mainly just jealous) (the girl i would marry in a heartbeat) (hokay, that's some contortion work too, but still)

tomorrow ken and i are also going to the sspca, and who knows what we'll return with..... ?

finally, still taking feedback on my fauxpro website with drawings and photos mentioned in my previous post...

things i'd particularly love feedback on:
-the directory name (i have been agonizing over this*)
-the functionality (can you find everything ok?)
-the art (do you think it's salable? is it ok to put up sketches of other people's photographs these days? and should the collection that's already up be refined more? i'm looking at you for this one alan)
-the bio (do you think it's too long and whiny?)

*you don't know how tempted i was to call the directory "buysomethinwillya"
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so tonight we rewatched the easter doctor who special (planet of the dead) with mario, and watching it a second time, yes, really brought out all the flaws. god the writing was horrific. that's all i'm going to say about it though, because i know that some people actually care about doctor who spoilers still.

then we watched saw V, and i have to say it's probably the worst one with the best scene.

cut for pansies )

that's the only good thing i really have to say about saw V. they didn't even have a crappy music video in the special features. :( what's with that?
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nobody finds my icon funny, and i find this sad. because i think it's hilarious. however, i am quite used to this paradoxical situation, let me assure you.

my last few weeks were mostly spent working on a robotmedia movie for the showcase this sunday. i'm currently working on getting it up to youtube, but it's 12 minutes and youtube only allows movies up to 10 minutes in length. so i have to split it, and compress two separate files, and it's just an abnormal length of time to have to spend to get something on youtube, for god's sake. when it's up i'll post it in [ profile] digitalis2. which is another reason to add it to your feed. you really don't want to miss this movie. it actually got... *gasp* a compliment at the showcase. from some guy who said he liked the "character development." no idea what he was talking about, but if you like shaving cream, and keys, and keys covered in shaving cream, and people trying to pick up keys covered in shaving cream, you should definitely watch this movie.

now if that's not a plug then what is?

other than getting the movie ready, watching the movie, and getting a compliment on the movie, we also helped james film something for some pbs doctor who contest. it was pretty fun, if freezing, and afterwards he even bought us pie.

before the showcase on sunday, ken and i went skiing and i determined that sierra at tahoe must be where all the assholes go, because half the people there had some sort of serious attitude problem and were whizzing by not only us, but children crawling in the snow, and not just on the slopes proper, but in the areas between lifts and lodge buildings and such. i saw this one incredible prick of a snowboarder who NEARLY ran into some skier minding his own damn business, looked affronted, got ahead of the skier, made a hockey-type stop almost directly in front of him, kicking up some snow, and once the skier meekly passed, giving him the DOUBLE flip-off. that was some prize piece of work, i have to say. other snowboarders were camped under the ski lifts, throwing snowballs up at people. i gave up after two runs and camped out in this horrible outdoor "tiki room," trying to ignore the bad reggae and watching everyone else try to have a decent time. it started snowing at one point, and that was kind of nice.

after skiing i made ken take me to a restaurant on the way back, because it's secretly my favorite part of trips like this-- sampling the bizarre hole-in-the-wall local cuisine of the forest people. we ended up at some german place, seated next to a photo of some town in austria from the 80's. it had the most horrible composition i'd ever seen, including a lamppost smack in the middle of the scene, as if it were some sort of popup guide in microsoft word ready to take you on a tour through the nicest parts of hell. the food was good, if hearty. god the german potatoes. and their zinfandel was fucking awesome.

halfway through the meal i started trying to figure out what song a snippet of nine inch nails lyric was from, and then also the first line of "mr. self destruct." i drunk-dialed mario, and on the third ring he picked up, but he didn't know the answer to the first question. i even had him google it to no avail.

let me open it to you guys: if i called up going "ok what nine inch nails song is this: 'i've tried everything.... i've tried everything'?" would you know? should i make a voice post and open it up as a contest? i've since figured it out of course.

anyhow, by the time we left i was toasted enough to show up still buzzed at the showcase 1.5 hours later, and buzzed enough at that point to enjoy myself by snarking at everyone else's movie and then laughing hysterically at my own. oh well, luckily showmanship isn't a large part of being an artist because otherwise i'd have to just give up now and go live in a cardboard box.

so the two topics for next showcase are "telemetry" and "mistakes." the only thing i can think of is a fan film of that part in dark tower vii where that rat thing named finli (or something) keeps saying, "telemetry doesn't lie." i think that'd rock.

either that or a spy movie.
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so i stayed up til 5:30 last night, and witnessed an odd progression of television shows-- as often happens as the night wears on into early morning. especially when the bulk of what you watch is on the sci-fi channel.

so last night i watched, from midnight on:

-two episodes of burn notice (which is actually really good, but when the lead actor bares his teeth i kind of want to punch him in the face);

-an episode of the x-files where mulder gets both his arms cut off by sexy nurses;

-a movie about a space vampire with laser eyes who accidentally gives his girlfriend rabies

-and then midnight came on and i said, "what is this shit?" and turned it off and went to bed.

nah, what i was really doing wasn't watching tv so much as finishing this:

i don't know why i need to stay up all night finishing sketches, but i'm sure i can safely blame it on the influence of my father.

***get regular updates on my art via my feed
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i think this might be the best Xmas special thus far, and i think it's because Rusty has finally learned something from The Moff- namely that the best Doctor Who episodes, at least in my opinion, are the ones that are set up with a mystery to solve from the very beginning. Something incongruous is slipped in, some anachronism, that doesn't seem to jar with the secondary characters' perceptions, but alerts ours (and usually the Doctor's, at least eventually) to the idea that "hey, something is up."

spoilers for a good many episodes )

how sad

Dec. 26th, 2008 01:20 am
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i guess muse didn't like my video much )

my favorite one, too. morons.

in other news i'm in arizona, out of state and out of touch. sort of bored. oh, thanks for the doctor who, sara and karl :) the christmas invasion is better than i remember.


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