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All chars available for private rp or game/DR-enabling!

30 Rock The Almighty Johnsons The Avengers (MCU) The Avengers (MCU)

Liz Lemon

Michele Brock (Sjofn)

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Being Human (UK) The Blacklist Boston Legal Breaking Bad

Hal Yorke

Tom Keen

Alan Shore

Gustavo Fring
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) Burn Notice Daredevil (TV) The Dark Knight (Batman)


Fiona Glenanne

Frank Castle



The Dark Tower Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who

Susannah Dean

Amy Pond (Canon AU)

post "The Girl Who Waited"

Martha Jones / The Master (AU)

Post "Last of the Time Lords"; Martha rushes to the Master's aid after he is shot and he transfers his consciousness into her. They share the body, reluctantly.

The Master (Saxon)
Doctor Who Doctor Who Farscape Farscape

The Master (Wastey)

"End Of Time" era

The TARDIS (Idris / Sexy)

post "The Doctor's Wife"

Aeryn Sun


Season 4

Frasier Fringe Fringe Fringe

Niles Crane

Observer!Peter Bishop

Season 5 "An Origin Story" - "The Human Kind" era

Peter Bishop

Dr. Walter Bishop
Harry Potter Haven House M.D. House M.D.

Ginny Weasley

Nathan Wuornos

Dr. Gregory House

Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
How To Train Your Dragon The Hunger Games In Plain Sight Jekyll (BBC)



Mary Shannon

Dr. Tom Jackman / Mr. Hyde
Legend of the Seeker Leverage Life Lord of the Rings


Alec Hardison

Det. Charlie Crews

Eowyn of Rohan
Lost Nikita Once Upon A Time Person of Interest

Benjamin Linus

Owen Elliot / Sam Matthews

Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold

Sameen Shaw
Sherlock (BBC) Supernatural Supernatural Teen Wolf

Dr. John Watson



Derek Hale
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles X-Men


Dr. Jean Grey / The Phoenix

X3: The Last Stand era

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Because I'm insane.

#-C D-G H-L M-Q R-Z

#-C )

D-G )

H-L )

M-Q )

R-Z )
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My goodness, trying to find a non-jamjar rpg on LJ that is actually RUNNING, and doesn't seem incredibly disorganized or impossible to figure out, is a serious pain in the ass. Any suggestions?
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Too bad I don't actually play in any games. Or anywhere. Ever. :P

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Oh god

Apr. 28th, 2011 02:26 am
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I reserved at Betenoire. WHAT HAS I DONE @_@
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If you're going to play a character like, oh I don't know, maybe THE MASTER, what might really help you is learning to SPELL. Or even just use your spellcheck. It's right THERE. It even auto-underlines words that are misspelled as you type. Not that I've never misspelled anything in my life, but come on. He's the MASTER. He corrects others' GRAMMAR. I'm sure he'd know how to spell 'preferable'.

This is brought to you by, in parts, anal retentiveness honed from decades of academic-based competition, a severely fucked sleep cycle, two bottles of black currant cider I didn't even like much, an all-night marathon of Black Books, and, yes-- obscene amounts of bitterness due to rejection. Deal.
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I want to play Two-Face somewhere again.

Preferably with castmates. Like a Rachel, just to mess with him.
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I don't think I'm ever going to find an RPG where I feel like I belong. It seems like whenever I think I've finally done so I find out that people have been complaining about me. And the way I find that out? The very first, initial way? Is that I get a warning-- or in this case, a strike!-- from the mods. So awesome that I can't be asked about my intentions before it's just assumed I meant to be a total asshole who needs to be punished.

Part of it I think is just who I tend to play at these games. I look at other people who play the Master and wonder, even if they're having a good time, just how happy they really are underneath. Even if people are threading with them and things are going smoothly IC and look like tons of fun, who knows how many secret complaints they're getting from people who should really man up and come forward first and give the player a damn chance before throwing them to the wolves. Who knows how many strikes or warnings they've gotten. He is an incredibly hard character to play in any game, because he tends toward things that most people find abhorrent. He has no moral compass. People hate that.

I'm a writer, so I know how to throw away my moral compass when necessary. But I'm not an idiot (not in that way, at least), and it's not like I don't have one when it comes to others. To be accused of plotting marital rape, and then of threading abuse, when that was not my intent-- and then, after bringing that point up, to be told that yes, it was my intent and what I was doing-- is a total slap in the face. It makes me realize how many people actually LOOK at what I've done and judge it based on that alone, and how many people bring all their random preconceptions about me to the table first.

I expected better from the mods, at least. I always do. I don't know why I bother anymore, though.

I'd also like to know, really: since when is a strict, controlling single father with PTSD, 'abuse' that needs to have warnings? When there is no hint of violence or incest? And please don't tell me that her desire to please him, her remaining at home to take care of him with his psychological condition, or his kissing the top of her head is indicative absolutely of either of those things. You guys would make shitty profilers.

But anyway, it's not just about this. I wasn't fitting in there anyway. I can tell when people don't want to play with me. So guys, don't worry. The evil triggery asshole is leaving. I'll let you go back to your equally, if not more, questionable stuff that I would never just run to a mod about, because even though, yes, I've had a hard life and have suffered abuse?

At the end of the day I know it's just writing, and I can live and let live. Such a shame.
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it's horribly wrong, maybe. but the ending to saw IV kind of reminds me of shitty rp scenarios i've been in. xD


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