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I just saw tonight one of the most beautiful episodes of Doctor Who. Since it just aired Saturday in the UK I suppose there are some spoilers, but I wouldn't be too worried since it is mainly a historical type episode and, like, everybody knows what happened to van Gogh. But still.

You really should go watch it )
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I feel like my internet presence has been disjointed and confusing, so I've been trying to merge more things together. I'm going to run down a list of things I have to make it easier to follow what I've been up to. For those who have been playing the game to win, this list will (mostly) seem a bit redundant:


First off, my new band's sites. We've just bought a domain name:

which right now just redirects to our BandCamp site:

The BandCamp site has better quality streams of our music, and you can also download the songs we have up there (and when we have an album, it'll be available for download/purchase there).

We've also got a Myspace at:

where we'll be posting songs and gigs (when we have 'em) and where you can friend us if you have a Myspace.

You can also become a fan of Never Right Now on Facebook:

For good measure we'll be uploading our songs and announcing gigs here as well. There's also the added community aspect of Facebook, because we get to post discussions and links, which I find so super neat.

We hope to get up an actual site soon at our new domain, with lyrics and bio/press kit stuff and blog links and such. In the works: a blog (probably Wordpress, Twitter, a spot at ReverbNation, and (once we begin to amass some video content), YouTube.


My nifty-difty (it's a word now that I've typed it) art blog is at:

And there is an LJ feed located at:

Here I'll post my photos, drawings, fanvids, writing, and of course any developments in the band or music in general. It's DEFINITELY worth following if you like what I do at all, because it'll probably all get mentioned and then linked from there.

I've also got Hieratic updates being crossposted automatically to Twitter.


My Tumblog is at:

I used to have to ship Twitter to LJ (which is apparently an incredible social faux pas) in order to bring my Tumblr posts to my friends list. Now I've created a direct LJ feed:

In my personal Tumblog, I reblog and post all sorts of things 'round the Internet that make me smile, weep, get angry, and, last but not least, think. It's a nice collection of what inspires me on the 'Net, but also of interesting tidbits from sources that might not make the mainstream news. I also tend to post pertinent updates from my other blogs when I remember.

In addition, because of all the inane book covers I run across in the course of my job (which at least in part has me putting up book reviews on a website), I created an additional Tumblr mocking said book covers:

The LJ feed is here:

Some of these seriously have to be seen to be believed.


My Twitter is at:

Twitter is kind of a dumping ground and I'm scared to go there much because with my day and my rampant Internet addiction as full blown as it already is, I really cannot keep up with what kind of sandwich Adam Savage ate for lunch or what Neil Gaiman said to Amanda Palmer over the phone. So this is not used for much more than notifying any readers of Tumblr posts, and now Hieratic posts, that I've made. OCCASIONALLY I will do an actual Tweet. Also our British cell phone has texting capabilities so when I go overseas I'll probably use it again for trip updates.

I think that's it.

OH. Before I forget:

If you have a site (for art, or writing, or whatever) and you'd like to be linked from any of my sites, please let me know. I'd love to include you. I'm especially interested in rebuilding the blogroll for Hieratic. Most of the links from Digitalis will be rolled over but I know some of you might have some new stuff you want to share.


So in other news, today I've got some sort of eyelid swelling going on. It's burny and obnoxious, and I don't want to go out in public. I woke up this way, so I'm not sure what happened. Took some Tavist, which did NOTHING, and applied an icepack to the eye. Nothing is really beating it too well though :(

Also, all my Neko Case arrived, as well as the Doctor Who 2009 specials. The Neko Case is of course awesome, and I've been listening to it all afternoon.

But the specials artwork... ugh. Ok, First off, not enough Master! I'm rather incensed that Wilf gets the other CD for End of Time (Doctor gets the other of course). WTF. The story is about TIME LORDS. Not some doofy old person who... well, maybe that's a spoiler. But he doesn't deserve the Master's place, that's for dang sure. He just got in the way the entire story!

Also, the inside cover art for it is just entirely too melodramatic:

Give me a flippin' break.
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so i'm home sick today and my head keeps spinning. so of course i figure this is the perfect time to make an lj entry since i've just slept for 4.5 hours and can't really sleep anymore. can't believe it's been almost two months since i made a proper update that nobody wants to read. see sophie, next to that 5 weeks is nothin'!

only trouble is it's been so long i can't remember what i was up to... so maybe i will start with major obvious stuff and then proceed in reverse.

rats )

our vacations are so much work )

kitsune )

this weekend )

last weekend )

this is probably a long enough entry. time to take my temperature, because it's either really hot in here or i have a fever.

yes, i totally just asked if it was hot in here or if it was just me.

*intentional misspelling; long story
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so i've been neglecting lj in favor of tumblr lately, which is just an excellent, excellent service that i highly recommend to you all. i have two weeks worth of thoughts to sift through and actually decide what is worth telling anyone, but i'm not about to write a long update at 3 in the morning-- just wanted to make a note for those who've been following the little rat saga, and actually care, that the little twerps are starting to "get along." which means there's about two or three scuffles a day as opposed to constant animosity. it's funny, in a way, because i'd been trying to get this worked out for at least a week, and it wasn't until i'd literally given up on it ever happening that they all surprised me. so i'll tell you this little story while i sit here and watch a disney channel movie i'm pretty sure is secretly about ken's life:

we'd been doing introductions and gradually wilson (aka King Rat) had been attacking the newbies less and less. so we decided maybe it was time to put them in the same cage together. it had multiple levels so if the newbs needed a place to run i had been keeping them separated in the multilevel cage with this piece of coroplast between the levels when we weren't there, just as a safety measure. well, the newbs were not integrating well. basically wilson was being a huge bully and chasing them whenever he encountered them, nipping at their tails and backs. he was also spending all of his time in the top level, which they were used to occupying, and no matter how many times we tried to show them that, yes, there is a bottom level with a food dish and water bottle and hideyhole that they can occupy, they'd just huddle pitifully on the "mezzanine" levels of the cage, which had none of these things.

i'd been so desperate i actually gave them all a bath together in the kitchen sink, hearing THAT could work. yeah right. no matter what i tried, in fact, they looked like they were going to be miserable with the arrangement, so i gave up after a couple of days of this and separated them (newbs on top, wilson on bottom). i put the coroplast in, stated my intentions to ken that i would not remove it anymore, and ken and i went out for a couple of hours. now keep in mind that coroplast had been in all night before, with no problems (except we'd found out bruce had figured out how to slip past it somehow recently, but we couldn't really figure out why he'd WANT to).

so imagine my surprise when we came back to find the newbies on the mezzanine once again, AND a huge hole chewed into the coroplast. judging by the debris it hadn't been wilson who'd chewed the hole-- it was the newbs. after freaking out that they'd chewed a hole in coroplast (they're fine by the way, no ill effects yet so i guess they managed not to swallow much), ken and i kinda looked at each other and he said something akin to "well there's a clear signal." so we left the coroplast out.

and after that, things calmed down significantly. the other day i finally saw wilson and bruce sharing the mezzanine together. i don't know if they'll ever progress to snuggling together but i'm just glad i don't have to worry about one being half-eaten in the morning. so that's good enough for me.

oh god, this disney channel movie is totally ripping off the sandman and in turn seems to have been totally ripped off by up. a dog named barnabas with a voice translator around its neck? come on disney, you're supposed to be the trendsetters here.

ah, it just got even better: they just introduced a clone of rygel from farscape.

ok. goodnight, from the zoo.
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"My Guests, a new feature that will allow you to see who visits your journal, is coming soon. To set your privacy preferences for this feature, please choose an option:

* I want to use My Guests to see who visits my journal and to be visible when visiting other journals and communities.

* I don't want to use My Guests and I want to remain anonymous when visiting other journals and communities."
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freyja: how about an a capella version of muscle museum
penguin42: oh that would be cool
freyja: nananananananananananannananananananannananaanannananannanananana
penguin42: :-D
freyja: or knowing them it'd be
freyja: bumbumbumbumbumbumbumbum
penguin42: ugh
freyja: MR SANDMAN
freyja: christ get out of the 50s
freyja: your syllables are OUTDATED
penguin42: seriously

this is a pretty accurate version of how i spend my time at work when i'm overtired (note the frequent 'head-down' breaks)

freyja: omgomgomgomgomgomg
penguin42: sup sup sups
freyja: bloodsugar

it's amazing how fans suck up to @benjaminfolds-- his pictures ARE good-- very good! but do you really need to act like every single snapshot he posts is some unique, never-accomplished-before work of pure gold? good grief.
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we bought a new camcorder today to replace our dead optura 50!

well, technically it's used off ebay, so hopefully it will show up with all its parts attached. it's a panasonic gs-400, one of the better prosumer camcorders out there for our price range. it was actually kind of funny (and depressing)-- the original buy it now! price was 900 dollars, but we made a counterbid of 800 dollars, which was automatically accepted. so i guess that means that we could have probably gone lower... argh. everything is so expensive in the tech world, even used tech.

yeah, so expect to have a sorta kickass camcorder shoved in your face next time we meet.

in other news, we had two movie nights with friends in a row. last night we watched tokyo zombie and repo! the genetic opera with mario. leave it to mario to pick the weirdest titles (although i'm not blaming him for repo!, since that was technically my idea). i'm not sure which movie was odder, to be honest, although i will say that anthony stewart head (now and forever known as "tony head" for some reason on whedonesque) was the hottest thing ever in that movie, and his harmonizations with sarah brightman made me glad to be alive. thank you, darren whateveryourlastnamewas, director of saw 3 and 4, for making that special moment happen.

he also bought us ice cream as a belated birthday thing. that is, mario did, not darren wossisname.

tonight we watched happy-go-lucky with anna and anthony, and i was pretty similarly perplexed. i think we all were, honestly? the movie didn't seem to have a plot, and the main character was pretty much a carbon copy of pre-doctor donna noble except her job actually helped people. anna was annoyed with her within about five seconds flat it seemed. but we stuck with it, and we were rewarded with... meh, a non-ending for all intents and purposes. it was still entertaining and i liked the characters quite a bit.

after that we hung around a little while longer and ended up snarking and making up dialogue for a few dollars more, which is just... why did nobody tell me clint eastwood used to be that hot???

also, earlier today we stopped by central park (not the one in nyc, confused non-local readers) for some sort of hula hooping party that was going on. just tons of homemade hoops all over the green, and hippies (who owned the hoops, i'd suppose) wandering around showing people tricks. i've almost learned how to guide the hoop up above my head and back down, and how to shoulder hoop just by watching others get instructed. tomorrow we might go to ace and get the materials to build our own. i am far too excited about this, i know, but hoop dancing just looks so cool. for reference: (lol, the first thing mario said to this was "she should get better taste in music" but i think he was mainly just jealous) (the girl i would marry in a heartbeat) (hokay, that's some contortion work too, but still)

tomorrow ken and i are also going to the sspca, and who knows what we'll return with..... ?

finally, still taking feedback on my fauxpro website with drawings and photos mentioned in my previous post...

things i'd particularly love feedback on:
-the directory name (i have been agonizing over this*)
-the functionality (can you find everything ok?)
-the art (do you think it's salable? is it ok to put up sketches of other people's photographs these days? and should the collection that's already up be refined more? i'm looking at you for this one alan)
-the bio (do you think it's too long and whiny?)

*you don't know how tempted i was to call the directory "buysomethinwillya"
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this weekend our camcorder broke again, and seems completely unfixable. unfortunately it broke during this month, which was supposed to be short-a-week. so that's disappointing, but at least it means we will be getting a newer, better camcorder that does not blow fuses while rewinding tapes (????)

then i kind of broke myself by trying a simple goddamn side vault over a bike rack, getting tripped up, and landing very hard on my left side on concrete. that was sunday, and i'm still in pain-- mostly from my left shoulder to my elbow. it feels like a muscle strain plus something else, and i'm worried there's some tendon pulling or something going on. hopefully no fractures anywhere, but it's a pretty chronic pain and there's not much i can do with the arm. so today i'm off from work because yesterday was Miserable Hell Day and i felt like i wanted to die every time i moved.

on saturday aj brought over tombstone, which i'd never seen. that is a pretty amazingly funny movie. first off, the mustaches are incredible and huge. kurt russell with a mustache will be my lj icon, if i can find some stills from this one particular scene. what i love most about big mustaches is that they end up being an exaggerated mirror of facial expressions, and there is this one part where kurt russell's character was lying down sad, and his mustache was this incredible droop, like a clown's sad face. epic.

john locke was also in this movie, and a yong billy bob thornton and the guy from terminator (easily the hottest bad guy). and val kilmer, whom i'm sort of predisposed to hate after the batman fiasco, but honestly this role (doc holliday) he managed to shine in. throughout the movie the character is dying from tuberculosis, but still manages to spout this hilarious snarky even toned dialogue. when he first came on i had no idea who he was and thought he was the villain, he was so chill. but no, just an incredibly badass good guy. thoroughly entertaining movie.

then we watched some of suzanne vega's videos from the 80's, with her commentary, which is really the only way to watch them because for a few of them you can tell she is so incredibly disappointed in how they turned out. and she'll comment derisively on the clothes and hair, and it's just really cute. makes me wish i'd kept my gloria estefan video collection :(

this weekend ken's parents visited. things seemed to go smoothly enough, and we ate at some pretty fantastic restaurants-- seasons, and that boat hotel in old sac. if i hadn't been in so much pain i would have enjoyed it more. it meant we missed house's season finale though, so avoiding the hotbed of apathetic spoilers until we do see it should be interesting.

the day i got injured, like right after, i rested while going on this used laptop ken refurbished for me (because he is awesome) and ran across [ profile] exquisitegeek's post about hula hooping. i hadn't realized what some people are doing with this, and it made me sad i was injured because i wanted to run right out then and buy a hula hoop. perhaps once i heal up.

oh, finally, i have had a twitter since the england trip last fall, but i'm actually starting to spend more time on it. i find it fascinating that a social networking site can turn even vaunted celebrities into ... well... us. and i don't mean "regular joes" like mario suggested-- i mean for all intents and purposes, giggly 20-somethings. i find it adorable. even trent reznor is on there, being all cute with rob sheridan and giving away free tickets to his concerts. brent spiner tells (extremely) short stories. stephen fry posts little audio challenges (guess who this is, guess what these people are saying, etc). neil gaiman and warren ellis just snark. dichen lachman twits while drunk. etc etc etc. although in a way it's a little dismaying, because they generally only interact with each other, it's nice to see them being able to keep up with their colleagues for once, and at the same time generally be able to keep their fans abreast of their doings and thoughts. it must be a really nice time for them, now this tool is available.

but anyway, yeah, i'm ans99 on twitter. add me if you're there!
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so tonight we rewatched the easter doctor who special (planet of the dead) with mario, and watching it a second time, yes, really brought out all the flaws. god the writing was horrific. that's all i'm going to say about it though, because i know that some people actually care about doctor who spoilers still.

then we watched saw V, and i have to say it's probably the worst one with the best scene.

cut for pansies )

that's the only good thing i really have to say about saw V. they didn't even have a crappy music video in the special features. :( what's with that?
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so yeah, i was checking out someone's list of the "2009 hottest women," and i just wasn't impressed at all (first of all, it was February-- who the hell would have a list out that early? and second of all, so many of them were just T & A, or the Next Hot Thing, and it just wasn't indicative of my bizarre taste).

so i decided to make my own, and this is really more of a general list, not year-specific. it's taken me forever to get this damn list together. they're loosely ranked, but it's not like i'm the mom in sophie's choice or anything. there's a lot of reasons i find these women "hot." here's the first 25 (warning: picture-intensive!):

100-76 )

tune in next time when i continue to objectify women, bringing you #75-51! GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS


Mar. 27th, 2009 12:25 am
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if i were married to sally forth i think i'd kill myself.

oh also, and as many of you know already because you cared enough to find and stalk me on facebook: i'm no longer unemployed.

it's full time, and that sort of laidback sedentary srs business type of job, so it means i'll be able to bring back my blah blah blah cake icon.

in fact....

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is this comic trying to say that people who have different professions can't get married?
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i think this might be the best Xmas special thus far, and i think it's because Rusty has finally learned something from The Moff- namely that the best Doctor Who episodes, at least in my opinion, are the ones that are set up with a mystery to solve from the very beginning. Something incongruous is slipped in, some anachronism, that doesn't seem to jar with the secondary characters' perceptions, but alerts ours (and usually the Doctor's, at least eventually) to the idea that "hey, something is up."

spoilers for a good many episodes )
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i got a hug from a child today at outreach.

it was kind of cool and for once i came home from volunteering not completely drained and bitter.

i would like to make a parody of this video. hopefully the reason is obvious. it's a video that blatantly circumvents the profundity of the song it's promoting, like most videos. i do think it would make a good song to base a saw fanvid off of. and it is a better video than the uk version, where she is in space and takes all her clothes off and that's about all that happens in it.

speaking of which this is the funniest saw video i've ever seen.

youtube will never get boring. and i need to make more videos.

i have an interview tomorrow for a job. it is part-time, right in town, with benefits. no food service or excrement involved, so it's automatically a winner.

all the comics for tomorrow (that i read) are creeping me out.
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see, america? this is what happens when you vote.

democracy happens.

that, said, california, i'm sorely disappointed in you. i had no idea roughly half of you were homophobes. either that or maybe you just read the ballot wrong?
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after living in california for three years and a long dry summer, i am finally sick of the rain.


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