Jul. 6th, 2011 11:54 pm
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Just got accepted to two RPGs tonight with a pretty much guaranteed acceptance for a third. Celebrating with a cider.
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My goodness, trying to find a non-jamjar rpg on LJ that is actually RUNNING, and doesn't seem incredibly disorganized or impossible to figure out, is a serious pain in the ass. Any suggestions?
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I swear, I am sorely tempted to try to cobble together a private RP group called 'The Island of Misfit RPers'.

The only problem is, I'm not sure if everyone would get along.
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Who does NOT mean well, and does NOT play well with others. Of course.

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I just miss playing with my buddy :/

Sometimes it's really hard to even care about RP at all anymore when I think about all the friendships I've lost, merely by quitting a game here or there. Hardly anyone keeps in touch once you're gone from a game, and it is criminal. I'm lucky in that I have friends who have kept in touch, and also a really full life outside of all this.

But I still just feel so shitty about the ones I've lost. The ones, frankly, I thought were actually interested in me beyond how I play the Master. I guess they all have really full lives too. Can't blame 'em.
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I love Penny Arcade.
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I can't even stand this. I haven't been able to write anything for the past... week? Two weeks? I'm not even sure. It sucks because I really really want to RP right now, but I just tried formulating a tag and it was bone-crunchingly excruciating. I couldn't even string two sentences together that made any sort of sense, and it was certainly not in the Master's voice. I haven't even been able to write songs lately. I'm just... stuck, man. Stuck. There's a bunch of different reasons-- lowered self-confidence due to my recent exits from some RPGs, dissatisfaction with RP and fandom in general, some medical stuff I'm dealing with right now, the season, relationships that seem to be going down the tubes...

Sooooo I'm not really looking for sympathy here, just wanted to give a heads-up and apologies to those I ought to be doing stuff with right now. In nearly three years of playing him I've never lost the Master's voice entirely, so this is a little scary, but I hope this phase goes away soon. I miss playing him, and I miss who I used to play with :(

Private RP

Dec. 10th, 2010 01:44 am
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Okay, anyone want to private rp at some point? I am bored out of my skull but less than impressed by games lately.
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Okay I'm done.


Nov. 20th, 2010 02:43 am
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I miss playing with people. I miss my games. I miss the CR I started and had to abandon. At the moment I just can't seem to drum up any interest from most of the people in my current game, and those that do tag seem so wary or inflexible and I'm so sick of trying to fit in and ingratiate myself. I envision another RP hiatus in my future pretty soon.

I wish I knew that magic formula that would let people trust me, and help me find the sort of players who actually want to plot and do interesting things. So many of the games I've tried to join just seem to want happy quirky tiems with their characters and most of the time I pick characters that just sort of... no. They're too intense, they want to hurt others, they don't socialize, they are rude. I even tried picking up a character once who wasn't quite as abrasive (though she was still a social retard, let's be honest) and I just got so bored trying to make nice. I want action and drama and life-altering shit, y'know? I can't do picnics and sex and parties on a regular basis. Like the Master, I kinda need meat.

It's gotten to the point that I really don't know what to do. I don't want to make a miserable time for anyone or make them get immediately on the defense, and I really hoped that this time around at least getting permissions out of the way right off the bat would help but I don't know. In my mind's eye I can see that fail comin' round the mountain when she comes and I just know it's only a matter of time before things go awry. As it is I already feel like my feeble attempts at CR have mostly gone nowhere, though I haven't even given the game a week. It's like I'm primed for failure now. I can't even muster up any optimism, and all I can do is try and know it's not enough.

I tried doing private rp, and it wasn't BAD but... I love panfandom. It's the way I was introduced to RP and I really ENJOY multicharacter plots and arcs, even if they inevitably seem to succumb to user error. Whether it be hiatus or miscommunication or some other dropping the ball.

But man, it's just really tough to feel like trouble already in your first week. And I do.

Maybe it was too soon to do this.
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ABILITIES: !!IMPORTANT!! Don't forget to also write down what the abilities will be like while functioning under the 30% limit. If you're unsure, just ask us!
The Master is a Time Lord, meaning he has some biological advantages over humans:

-Two hearts, two livers, probably two of a few other things, crazy-ass lungs IDEK
-Respiratory bypass system, meaning that it takes much longer to strangle him
-Colder internal body temperature (16 degrees Celsius/60 degrees Fahrenheit)
-Can choose whether alcohol affects him or not
-Superior senses (great night vision and hearing, able to perform more sophisticated chemical analyses via taste and smell)
-Superior reflexes (but he's easily distracted and I like it very much when he fails, so he probably will not be able to dodge your bullet a la The Matrix)
-Can regenerate upon "death", creating a new body/personality
-Able to go into a healing coma when severely injured
-Is more aware of the passage of time, can see possible futures, etc.

There are also some standard Time Lord telepathic abilities:
-Can sense other Time Lords (the existence of them is a constant presence in the back of his mind, and he also can tell whether or not the person standing in front of him is one). Sometimes this manifests as... sniffing for whatever reason, but I'm going with it being the same basic ability.
-Can 'mind meld' with people (Time Lords and humans alike) using tactile contact: can witness and/or wreak havoc with their memories and communicate telepathically.

Character-specific traits:

-Skilled hypnotist
-Due to the nature of his resurrection in The End of Time, the Master is constantly leaking artron energy, which he can harness as a projectile weapon by shooting bolts of it from his hands. Think "hadouken!" He can also... "fly" by using the energy blasts as a propulsion *facepalm*

Effects of the 30% Rule:

Because they are both Time Lords, I am going to go with what the Eleventh Doctor's mun has set up for reduction of Time Lord abilities:

-Sensing other Time Lords: The Master can still sense that Time Lords exist and all, but not who they are or specifically where they are. So, for example, if the Rani showed up in a new body he wouldn't necessarily be able to tell it was her. And he wouldn't be able to track the Doctor around Ceriu.
-Regeneration: Simply doesn't happen
-Healing coma: Non-functional
-Time sense: Still aware of the passage of time, and can still see possible futures, but can no longer tell which is most likely or which events are fixed.

In addition, for his character-specific traits I'd like to keep his energy blasts still functional in the interest of him being able to hunt and maintain his life-force, but they'll take a lot more out of him, and be much weaker, so he won't be able to use them quite as often and he won't be able to take down anything larger than a cat with the energy blasts alone. He also will not be able to "fly" (so sorry Master).

Time Lords in general are depicted as highly intelligent, but far too tied to tradition and hopelessly mired in a superiority complex. While the Master shares the intelligence and inflated ego, he also has a great desire to rule the universe and very flexible morals, and has been a renegade as long as we've known him. His character is meant to be a dark foil of the Doctor, and much of his time is split between actively antagonizing the Doctor and attempting to gain immortality and absolute power.

Not much is known about the Master's distant past, but we do know that he has an intense connection with the Doctor that goes far beyond their shared heritage. It's been mentioned in official canon that he and the Doctor were once friends and schoolmates. It does seem clear that the Master is emotionally dependent on the Doctor and obsessively focused on him, despite (or more likely causing) their numerous and intense conflicts. At one point in “The Five Doctors” he even admits that “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.” Although the Master is usually committed to his own survival, he chooses to not regenerate after being fatally shot in “Last of the Time Lords” because he knows it will crush the Doctor. He also tends to pick on humans, mostly because they are the Doctor's favorite species. In "The End of Time" he replaces the human race with copies of himself, which at first seems to be mainly an intentional perversion of every thing the Doctor loves about humans (their uniqueness, their ability to survive, their capacity for individual thought, and so on). It is revealed throughout the series that the Master’s greatest fears include the Doctor laughing at him and looming larger than life above him. Judging by his reaction in “Last of the Time Lords,” he also cannot stand the idea of the Doctor forgiving him.

Because the Master is meant to be the Doctor’s nemesis in the series, his personality usually mirrors that of the Doctor’s. This incarnation is no exception; like the Tenth Doctor, the Master has a bizarre sense of humor and often seems less refined and more manic than his previous selves. He broadcasts songs from Rogue Traders and the Scissor Sisters during his reign on Earth, in one notable scene dancing and singing along. He also tends to act affably daft when interacting with the humans he despises so much; he gives the double thumbs-up to the Cabinet as he brutally gasses them in “Sound of Drums", and allows the Naismiths to parade him around in a collar, leash and straitjacket in "The End of Time".

It is hard to deny that the Master has always been insane. However, his most recent incarnation seems even more unhinged than ever. He is plagued by an auditory hallucination in the form of a drumbeat, which he claims he acquired while looking into the Time Vortex as a child. Although we know now they were a signal implanted by the Time Lords so that the Master could rescue them from the Time Lock, he believes at first that these drums are calling him to war. So naturally, he has plans to declare war on the entire universe, as well as erect a new Time Lord empire. While on the surface this seems pretty characteristic of the Master’s grandiose plans, his strange whims, violent mood swings and nonsensical back-up plans (blowing himself up and/or refusing to regenerate) make them seem much less cohesive than before.

In "End of Time" he's become even more desperate due to the fragile, doomed state of his resurrected body. He also complains that the drums in his head are louder or 'closer' than before, probably because the Time Lords are very shortly due to arrive. Gone are the fancy suits, frivolous luxuries and meticulous mannerisms-- the Master has to eat near-continuously to replenish his life force, and the simple act of survival takes up a great deal of his time. He now wears a grubby black hoodie and black trousers that are too big for him, and appears dirty and dishevelled. It's as if his new, restructured priorities have broken him in some fundamental way; here's the most superior being in the universe forced to behave like a wild animal. The frustration of it all tends him to be even more emotionally volatile, succumbing to fits of hysterical laughter, extreme rage, and wistful indulgence with a much higher frequency. Twice, right in the middle of a confrontation with the Doctor, he stops to reminisce about Gallifrey, and actually tears up several times throughout the story: when the Doctor tells him he could be beautiful, when he's begging Rassilon to let him ascend with the Time Lords, and when the Doctor is threatening to kill him.

Even with his increased weakness, the Master is still extremely proud. When he's in charge of the world again, he doesn't even bother to change his clothes. It's possible that he's putting on a new cloak, so to speak, coping with his disadvantages by pretending they are what make him superior. In other words, being king of the predators is still being king. When he talks about looking in to the Time Vortex or when he faces off against Rassilon, there is a similar sense of being insanely angry at the abuse he's suffered and at the same time strangely proud of his heritage and the fact that few others can claim it.

He believes that he is the only one allowed or qualified to be in control. And really, who wouldn't? The drums chose him, just as the Time Lords had chosen to resurrect him for the Time War. When the Doctor suggests that he wants to take the Master on as a companion in order to keep an eye on him, the Master indignantly sputters, “You’re just going to keep me?” This reaction is quite interesting given that the Master “kept” the Doctor for a year as little more than a pet or punching bag. The Master clearly gives himself privileges or passes he feels the rest of the universe should be denied— even if they are fellow Time Lords. This may explain why he also characteristically works alone and has taken on significantly fewer “companions” than the Doctor. Given that his lackeys tend to sour his plans, either accidentally or via intentional betrayal, this seems wise.

The Master’s sense of superiority and delusions of grandeur often lead him to underestimate the worth and ability of others. He sees other species, humans particularly, as inferior, primitive, and childlike, and has no compunction about slaughtering them if it will suit his purposes. It also leads to him making some fatal mistakes. He nearly destroys the universe in “Logopolis” because he fails to understand or respect the function of the Logopolitan mathematicians. He can't seem to help divulging his plans just so that he can gloat and possibly win the Doctor's approval. In “Last of the Time Lords” the Master insists on keeping the Doctor close in order to lord over him, for all appearances fails to seriously pursue the escaped Martha Jones, and never considers the potential of human minds to subvert his psychic satellite network. In "The End of Time" he shows off his "Master Race" to Rassilon, threatens to do the same to the Time Lords, and seems shocked when Rassilon quite easily reverses what he's done.

Despite his superiority complex, the Master is ultimately a coward. After being resurrected by the Time Lords to fight in the Time War, he chooses to flee instead, going so far as to alter his DNA and become human (“Utopia,” “Sound of Drums”). He’s often seen running away when his plans go awry. He's also an opportunist though, and in both "Sound of Drums" and "The End of Time" he's thrown into an environment where he starts out with almost nothing and has to improvise a plan to scramble back on top (successfully, in both cases). His opportunism is really showcased most effectively with his takeover of Naismith's 'Immortality Gate' in "The End of Time"; he's brought in as a prisoner to fix the device, and ends up co-opting it for his own use with hardly any effort at all. And near the end of the story, witness how he switches sides without shame- first attempting to ingratiate himself to Rassilon and steps away from begging for his acceptance... and then when the Doctor has the upper hand, hissing in his ear that he should destroy Rassilon and take over the universe.

The Master’s obsessive nature and desire for power lead him to be something of a control freak. He is a skilled hypnotist, and in "The Sound of Drums" he hypnotizes most of England into electing him Prime Minister in a bid to bring the entire Earth under his power, creating an almost Orwellian dystopia complete with invasive surveillance and tight control over civilian movement and media outlets. He keeps the Doctor, Jack Harkness, and Martha Jones’ family on board his airship as slaves and prisoners. To further the humiliation, the Doctor is aged dramatically and kept in a doghouse and later a cage, while the Jones women are forced to wear maid outfits. In "The End of Time" he goes even further, controlling the Earth via his 'Master Race'. Meanwhile, he keeps the Doctor lashed up to that decidedly kinky bondage chair.

Because of his need to control everything, he makes for a pretty sore loser. He throws the equivalent of a tantrum when the Doctor escapes him in "Castrovalva", and attempts to knife the Doctor while his back is turned just because he lost to him in a swordfight in "The Sea Devils". When his plans are foiled in "Last of the Time Lords", he breaks down in tears while cowering from the Doctor, then attempts to escape and threatens to blow up the planet he’s currently standing on, just so the Doctor can’t have it. In "End of Time" he is practically foaming at the mouth when he learns Donna has escaped being converted into another Master, and spends some time trying to track her down and capture her. And of course then there's the Master's predictable complaint of "That's not fair!" whenever he is defeated.


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