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I feel like my internet presence has been disjointed and confusing, so I've been trying to merge more things together. I'm going to run down a list of things I have to make it easier to follow what I've been up to. For those who have been playing the game to win, this list will (mostly) seem a bit redundant:


First off, my new band's sites. We've just bought a domain name:

which right now just redirects to our BandCamp site:

The BandCamp site has better quality streams of our music, and you can also download the songs we have up there (and when we have an album, it'll be available for download/purchase there).

We've also got a Myspace at:

where we'll be posting songs and gigs (when we have 'em) and where you can friend us if you have a Myspace.

You can also become a fan of Never Right Now on Facebook:

For good measure we'll be uploading our songs and announcing gigs here as well. There's also the added community aspect of Facebook, because we get to post discussions and links, which I find so super neat.

We hope to get up an actual site soon at our new domain, with lyrics and bio/press kit stuff and blog links and such. In the works: a blog (probably Wordpress, Twitter, a spot at ReverbNation, and (once we begin to amass some video content), YouTube.


My nifty-difty (it's a word now that I've typed it) art blog is at:

And there is an LJ feed located at:

Here I'll post my photos, drawings, fanvids, writing, and of course any developments in the band or music in general. It's DEFINITELY worth following if you like what I do at all, because it'll probably all get mentioned and then linked from there.

I've also got Hieratic updates being crossposted automatically to Twitter.


My Tumblog is at:

I used to have to ship Twitter to LJ (which is apparently an incredible social faux pas) in order to bring my Tumblr posts to my friends list. Now I've created a direct LJ feed:

In my personal Tumblog, I reblog and post all sorts of things 'round the Internet that make me smile, weep, get angry, and, last but not least, think. It's a nice collection of what inspires me on the 'Net, but also of interesting tidbits from sources that might not make the mainstream news. I also tend to post pertinent updates from my other blogs when I remember.

In addition, because of all the inane book covers I run across in the course of my job (which at least in part has me putting up book reviews on a website), I created an additional Tumblr mocking said book covers:

The LJ feed is here:

Some of these seriously have to be seen to be believed.


My Twitter is at:

Twitter is kind of a dumping ground and I'm scared to go there much because with my day and my rampant Internet addiction as full blown as it already is, I really cannot keep up with what kind of sandwich Adam Savage ate for lunch or what Neil Gaiman said to Amanda Palmer over the phone. So this is not used for much more than notifying any readers of Tumblr posts, and now Hieratic posts, that I've made. OCCASIONALLY I will do an actual Tweet. Also our British cell phone has texting capabilities so when I go overseas I'll probably use it again for trip updates.

I think that's it.

OH. Before I forget:

If you have a site (for art, or writing, or whatever) and you'd like to be linked from any of my sites, please let me know. I'd love to include you. I'm especially interested in rebuilding the blogroll for Hieratic. Most of the links from Digitalis will be rolled over but I know some of you might have some new stuff you want to share.


So in other news, today I've got some sort of eyelid swelling going on. It's burny and obnoxious, and I don't want to go out in public. I woke up this way, so I'm not sure what happened. Took some Tavist, which did NOTHING, and applied an icepack to the eye. Nothing is really beating it too well though :(

Also, all my Neko Case arrived, as well as the Doctor Who 2009 specials. The Neko Case is of course awesome, and I've been listening to it all afternoon.

But the specials artwork... ugh. Ok, First off, not enough Master! I'm rather incensed that Wilf gets the other CD for End of Time (Doctor gets the other of course). WTF. The story is about TIME LORDS. Not some doofy old person who... well, maybe that's a spoiler. But he doesn't deserve the Master's place, that's for dang sure. He just got in the way the entire story!

Also, the inside cover art for it is just entirely too melodramatic:

Give me a flippin' break.
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"My Guests, a new feature that will allow you to see who visits your journal, is coming soon. To set your privacy preferences for this feature, please choose an option:

* I want to use My Guests to see who visits my journal and to be visible when visiting other journals and communities.

* I don't want to use My Guests and I want to remain anonymous when visiting other journals and communities."
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what can i say, livejournal. i live on the edge. i live on the edge for YOU.

[18:13] tr2a: oh god anytime. i dont know what i'd be doing where i cant take a weekend to go to bodie
[18:14] freyja: there's a threeday weekend coming up for us july 3-5
[18:15] freyja: we could bring fireworks
[18:15] tr2a: oh good because july 2nd is a's b-day so i cant skip that
[18:15] freyja: and burn bodie down by accident so that nobody else can ever take pictures of it again
[18:15] freyja: we'll make a fortune a.
[18:15] tr2a: that sounds pretty great actually. though fireworks in a desert full of shrub might be frowned on.
[18:16] tr2a: haha beat me to it
[18:16] freyja: i'm fast
[18:17] freyja: actors?
[18:17] tr2a: i dunno my brain is dumb its all i could think of for some reason
[18:18] tr2a: its all this mayonnaise
[18:18] tr2a: i put it on all my sandwiches
[18:18] freyja: yes mayo is bad for the brain
[18:18] freyja: that's why tuna salad exists
[18:18] freyja: the natural brain suppressant MAYO mixes with the natural brain enhancer FISH to keep the people down
[18:19] freyja: it's a conspiracy of epic proportions
[18:20] tr2a: its gelatinous and disgusting properties invading the essence of a person's anima
[18:20] freyja: it slowly erodes your soul as well.

i am feeling a lot of creative energy lately. ideas are jumping out of my head. it may have a lot to do with kyle cassidy's collaborative project of greatness ([ profile] 2xcreative).

yes, i signed up.


i heart art.
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[12:53] freyja : hm
[12:53] freyja : doesn't 7pounds50 seem excessive for a digital download?
[12:53] penguin42: gah
[12:53] penguin42: is that a song?
[12:53] freyja :
[12:53] freyja : no, an album
[12:53] freyja : but still
[12:53] penguin42: still yeah
[12:53] freyja : that's like, the price of a physical album
[12:53] penguin42: it is
[12:54] penguin42: that's pretty silly
[12:54] freyja : i was going to play nice and buy the download of disk 2 inrainbows
[12:54] freyja : but it's 6 pounds for 8 sounds. just. no.
[12:54] freyja : i meant to say songs, but sounds is funny
[12:54] penguin42: hehe
[12:55] penguin42: especially when reading it in a british accent

what happened, radiohead?
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so at our most recent session i mentioned to my therapist how i'm apparently a social retard, even if i abstractly "get" lots of things, including how people generally work-- i just miss these little cues, say the wrong things, don't anticipate the reactions i get, etc. don't relate to "the common man" or something. she thought that was tragic, since according to her i would probably get a 160 or higher if i ever took an iq test. she has this really... flattering impression of how smart and talented i'm supposed to be, which is nice but constantly makes me feel like a fraud.

the funny thing is that after all that, she's like "oh i know what book you'll like." and she goes to her shelf and hands me something by temple grandin about autism.

i don't know what to think about this. i just keep remembering the episode of house m.d. where he connected with the kid who had autism, and everyone thought maybe house was autistic. until one character (wilson) basically blurted out with "no, you're not autistic. you're just an ass."

sorry peoples, i can't hide behind autism. i'm just an ass.
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.....
the lady that plays the boss (liquid terminator) was on late night talk craig colbourn? about a week ago infering she was out of a job and heading back to scotland.

from here.


guyz. do you realize we live in a world where there are some kids who have no idea who shirley manson is anymore?

i'm not so sure i want to live in this world.

also, "Garbage's Shirley Manson plays urinal in 'Terminator' TV show" is undoubtedly the best headline one could ever come up with pertaining to this subject.
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is this comic trying to say that people who have different professions can't get married?


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