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I just saw tonight one of the most beautiful episodes of Doctor Who. Since it just aired Saturday in the UK I suppose there are some spoilers, but I wouldn't be too worried since it is mainly a historical type episode and, like, everybody knows what happened to van Gogh. But still.

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(by ken)

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oh i also made this a while ago, but never put pictures up til now:

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plz excuse my breasts, i am aware they are huge
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remember this? this is where i objectify women in a horribly lascivious manner and post other people's portraits of them with abandon (don't worry guys, you get your turn next). anyhoo, here are hot chix #50-26 in the countdown (and for 100-76 and 75-51, click the appropriate links):

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i had a pretty eventful weekend. on friday night we picked up the rats, and i was saved from making a fool of myself trying not to make a fool of myself in front of joe dinunzio, because he was busy with the twins and the dog. the rat babies are really cute, but VERY skittish. even more so than dot and dash were. we've been feeding them melon and chickpea and pepper and all the good things in life and taking them out periodically to climb mt. kenandapril, and they've been slowly getting used to life without their siblings or mom. when they calm down a bit more i'll grab some pictures of them.

saturday we ran around getting supplies for various things, and then helped out filming the nexus stage show that runs at DMA most saturday nights (note: link is to the simultaneous radiocast-- the show is presented live on my city's local cable channel). we had a blast, as did the producer-- he was able to utilize four different camera angles because of the extra volunteers who showed up :) the band, way2nazd, was pretty cool and as ken put it, "tight". the manager took some time to talk with us afterwards about music, and encouraged us to contact her if we ever get our band going. also, the band was very kind to us newbie camerapeople, and i think they were somewhat impressed by our work, even if half the time i cut off people's heads, got my fair share of "extreem closeup stomach shots," and we both tended to film the wrong musician during a solo. pretty effective networking ;)

after that alan came over and we looked at some of my pictures together with a discerning eye, squabbled over some of them goodnaturedly, laughed at my ass-poor composition on a few pictures, laughed some more at mildly inbred sea lions, and ordered pizza and drank wine.

sunday we helped james film some doctor who fanfilm material. i got to swordfight mario, dress up as monsters and chase alan down the hall. ken got to dress up as a pharaoh. james even let me work camera. i guess we'll see how crappy my shots look... after that we went to wendy's and got the most braindead server ever, and after that ken and i bought mario birthday cupcakes.

today i got filings from the dentist, but that's not very exciting or accomplished-- just aggravating and painful. the dentist was the best i've ever had though; kinda like a grandfatherly dr. house. unless that is an oxymoron, i'm not sure.
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geekiest geek ever dies a time lord
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yesterday was my birthday, so i had a joint celebration with ken (whose bday was earlier in the month). we went wine tasting in sonoma valley with a few lucky people who could happen to make it. it was a pretty epic time-- i had a mushroom burger with mushrooms, we visited ravenswood and got a bunch of free swag (including a button in french that roughly translated to "no wet chicken wine"-- "wet chicken" is apparently an idiom for "wimpy" in french!), ken made us look even more like tourists with his (sometimes mischievously misleading) tom-tom, several of us trespassed on a piece of machinery, aj and james saw a hummingbird fight, i sang depeche mode's "enjoy the silence" for a cheesemonger, james and i molested marilyn monroe, gretchen got told she looked like she was 12, we bought some truffles, alan almost got raped by some casual wine guys, everyone posed for pictures with odd statues (including a dogdragon, a t-rex and a bronzed redwood tree root), and we tried many, many wines-- among them a zinfandel port that was hands-down honestly the best wine i ever tasted (much like the woman in keswick who had the best chips ever, the guy at the counter did not believe me. i might have looked very drunk at this point, but still, have a little pride and faith in your product yo). i also took many many pictures with the nifty new lens ken got me (a canon 18-55 mm with image stabilization). it garners more light, takes less blurry pictures in the dark, and has a wider angle of view-- all wins for indoor photography, which is the bane of my existence normally).

after all that, we went to kathmandu for dinner where even more people showed up, and i clumsily introduced everyone to each other, and we had a nice meal. then back to our house for the best birthday cake in the world (a two-layer ice cream cake from cold stone, with a koala-guinea pig hybrid drawn on top-- the thing weighed at least 15 pounds). i finally met alan's girlfriend, and anna gave me yarn, and mike gave me a gorilla pod for my camera. james gave me the dianetics book on tape (?) and some sort of sheep knitting needle holders (guess which one i appreciated more, lol). :) sara and karl came up too, yay! and everyone met wilson (karl was constantly being tickled by the little guy walking all over him, and in one case the poor thing made it down the back of his shirt! karl just has bad luck with animals i guess). toward the end of the evening, our party of course degenerated into watching youtube videos, mostly the doctor who fanvids we'd done with james. ken made the apt point that they're sort of like our version of slides-- y'know, the kind that people used pull out when they had unwitting guests.

i had a wonderful day yesterday. my philosophy has long been that there is no point to doing anything if there is not a touch of the absurd involved. thanks for helping me fulfill that, guys, by making the day as unique and fun as possible :)
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because i'm pretty sure i've done this meme before. oh well. i'm supposed to tag some of you but i think everyone who would have done this has done it. so do it if you want to, i guess.

1. i've been fully cognizant of my bisexuality for a decade and still i have never kissed a girl.

2. generally, i feel more of a rapport with animals than people.

3. i have never been burned by a flame but i have such an intense fear of fire that it's taken me until last year to feel comfortable even lighting a match. conversely, i have been sliced open by numerous metal objects in my lifetime and feel perfectly comfortable around knives.

4. i have not knowingly eaten beef since i did a research paper on mad cow disease during my college days.

5. male suffering really turns me on. sorry guys.

6. for a short time in my youth i took dance and gymnastics classes. i quit gymnastics because i got some sort of pseudo-feminism going on and didn't like feeling like they were trying to get me to contort into a specific body image/feminine ideal-- and that i was failing miserably at it.

7. i'm a chronically late person and have been for as long as i can remember.

8. artistic inspiration is why i inevitably give the world one more chance. it's also why i love teaching. people just come up with the most amazing ideas sometimes, and it's all i can do to wonder why i never thought of them because they're just so obvious and wonderful and brilliant.

9. my high school friends and i used to pretend we were the beatles. i was john.

10. in middle school these same friends and i used to hide out in the art room during lunchtime so we wouldn't have to deal with any of the other students harassing us. i suppose in a way we formed our own reactive clique.

11. the reason i started photographing things was due to my fascination that you could print a memory. because of this i find it almost unbearably difficult to throw any of them away.

this is my favorite dali painting. sometimes i like to tell people he painted it for me.

13. some of the best times of my life were spent sneaking away from college for the weekend, taking a bus alone to nyc and spending that weekend with this guy i barely knew. i've never been able to see the city in the same way since, so i've always been disappointed when i've returned there.

14. i have not seen most of my extended family in a Very Long Time. there's no obvious tension, we're all just horrible at correspondence.

15. i was an avid reader as a child-- i mean like, i'd get multiple BOXES of 'em from scholastic. by the time i was in second grade they were giving me "special" spelling tests because the regular ones were too easy for me. i remember quibbling with the teacher over the correct spelling of "moustache" (she insisted it only "mustache" was acceptable until we checked the dictionary together)

16. i'm now a blue belt in kempo karate but i have a ridiculously low pain tolerance so i'm still pretty much useless at defending myself.

17. i worked on a dairy farm for a summer, and so i'm privileged enough to know the unbeatable feeling of a cow crapping on your head.

18. just about every night i have really vivid, horrifyingly fascinating dreams that could easily be horror/sci-fi b-movie plots. as a rule i'm usually left shaken from these dreams for the rest of the day.

19. when i encounter incompetence from the world i automatically want to kill myself.

20. i almost got a gig in high school doing english as a second language instructional audio tapes for i think hispanic students. i got all the way into the studio for recording before they decided i made too many "mouth noises"-- clicks and such like when you open your mouth to start talking and your tongue unsticks from the roof and so on. anyway the guy canned me right then and there. now when i hear all the voice personalities on the radio i go crazy pointing out all the mouth noises i hear. jerks.

21. i check the ceilings wherever i'm eating because i'm paranoid that a bug is going to fall from it and into my food. this is based on a true story from my childhood, where i was at a food court with a friend and a very giant, very dead hornet plummeted from above and landed smack in the middle of our table.

22. i'm so argumentative that i once wrote a five-page appeal for a parking ticket. whether they're still reading it, decided it wasn't worth it, lost my paperwork, decided that if i lost i might come after them with a shotgun, or lost track of me once i moved i'm not sure-- but i never heard from the
parking people again.

23. i have a hard time hiding my true emotions. they're written right across my face at all times, and this has gotten me into trouble time and time again.

24. all of the animals i own right now were laboratory rescues. two of them, my rats, are from my own behavioral experiment.

25. i co-starred in some doctor who fan films written and produced by james a few years ago.
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yoinked from [ profile] notemily:

These are the rules, which I've just made up:

1. Go to your page.
2. Go to your Charts page and select "Tracks" and "Last 12 Months."
3. Take your top 12 songs. (or 15, or whatever number you like; I picked 12 because 12 months = 12 songs.)
4. OPTIONAL: If there is more than one track by the same artist on your list, pick only one, and replace the others with songs from further down the list. Repeat until you have 12 unique songs.
5. Post your 2008 mix!

6. i've added links to either full tracks or youtube vids with the full tracks/live versions.

1. Regina Spektor – Fidelity

this really is embarrassing. because this is the song that introduced me to regina spektor, and led me to believe that she couldn't sing. of course then i heard "us" and that opinion was almost instantly changed. so it's kind of fucking hilarious this was the most played song on my computer last year. sorry regina. i love you NOW.

2. Sarah Blasko – The Garden's End

i got into sarah blasko either early 2008 or late 2007, and i can't stop listening to her. i will tell anyone who will listen that she is the female thom yorke. this song in particular is challenging to sing, so i probably put it on a bunch to practice? oh, and the video is really 2 and a half songs live, so the song in question is somewhere in the middle.

3. Fisher – too late (odyssey version)

i don't much go for fisher anymore, but this song is just exquisitely pretty. i keep meaning to make a doctor who vid to it. she did this version specifically for some dudes book, and the site makes you register, but i can guarantee it won't kill you and it's worth the download.

4. Damien Rice – Rootless Tree

[ profile] gelosia sent me this. i'm glad she did because this is one of the most beautiful songs i've ever, ever, ever heard in my life. god i love repetitive swearing, and apparently, so does damien rice.

5. Nine Inch Nails – only (aborted mix)

lol. i made this, with ken, for a radio contest we had no chance in hell of winning.

6. Frou Frou – Hear Me Out

what this list is really turning into is the list of songs i'll actually tolerate running through without going to the effort of changing tracks. all i can tell you about this song is that i remember i had it stuck in my head two years ago.

7. Radiohead – Last Flowers

this is nominated for my favorite radiohead song. i remember back long ago when we all speculated what this song sounded like, and how there were some fake mp3s circulating. it was well worth the wait. if you're going to click on one song have it be this one.

8. Muse – Time Is Running Out

there were a bunch of muse songs in here. i really love this one the most consistently out of all of them though. and it's like the regina spektor thing, an embarrassing spectacle where this was the song that both acquainted me with muse and made me think it was asstarded, and now i love it and them to pieces. matt bellamy's exaggerated gasping is still bizarre enough to be made fun of every time i hear it, however.

9. Portishead – It's a Fire

this is a very old favorite. i think i've had this song in circulation as long as i've had livejournal.

10. Tori Amos – Digital Ghost

i don't know if you could tell but i listen to a lot of tori amos. i find myself to be a really bizarre type of fan, in that i came into her music during the boys for pele era, stuck with her through everything and learned to love each album, and find myself especially hooked on her newer stuff. i might be one of the few "old fans" in existence to actually enjoy the beekeeper, but i do. that and american doll posse, which this track is off of, have kept me happy for the past year and i've since neglected that original trilogy of albums that had me hooked. fandom is odd sometimes.

11. Depeche Mode – Suffer Well (Single Version)

oh. um. heh. well, this came off of a fanmix for the master, actually, that i got off someone's lj. it's... i like depeche mode, don't get me wrong, but a lot of their stuff is really over-the-top cliche angst, all polish and precision but some strange greasy polish that you can't get off your hands for days afterwards, and keeps appearing in random places for even longer than that. i can't even listen to their stuff before violator because the songwriting is so hideously embarrassing.

but one thing i've always liked about depeche mode is their painful honesty. this is one of their newer singles, but it reminds me a little of their old stuff. i remember the first time i heard it i thought it started out a little stilted, with all the rhyming. then it hit the chorus, with the wailing "i just hang ooonnnnnnnn," and i totally got it. it's hard to hate a song with such naked emotion in the lyrics.

oh jesus, i've managed to find a tron fanvid to this song. enjoy!

12. Fiona Apple – Oh Well

i really like to sing along to this one, especially the line "what you did to me made me see myself something awful." if you hear it you'll know what i mean.


of course as soon as i finish this my charts change. dumb


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