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I just saw tonight one of the most beautiful episodes of Doctor Who. Since it just aired Saturday in the UK I suppose there are some spoilers, but I wouldn't be too worried since it is mainly a historical type episode and, like, everybody knows what happened to van Gogh. But still.

You really should go watch it )


Jul. 30th, 2009 07:10 pm
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I can tell you why it's always the quiet ones.

It's because it's always the quiet ones who've thought since the edge of forever that if they just kept their heads down, didn't make a fuss, stayed silent, bore their beatings from the world without a single complaint or sass-back—that somehow they'd be spared all of this. This purposeful insult and injury that people of the world are so damn good at inflicting upon others without a second thought. The pain of adulthood, of realizing that This is It, and the good times you tried so hard to rush through, hurtling toward what you thought was the light at the end of the tunnel—Freedom, Love, Independence, Acceptance—those times were really the best times, and you squandered them. You thought things would get better once you could decide for yourself? You still aren't deciding for yourself. You're still under the thumb of something much bigger and stronger than you are, and you're still taking orders from Father Capitalism and Mother Media. Fuck that, it's even worse than that. You're still In the Womb. You've exchanged one limited, strangled set of half-assed "freedoms" for another, and nothing has changed other than now you have to actually work your ass off and Pay for the dubious privilege of having them. Meet the new boss, indeed.

It's the quiet ones that finally fucking snap when they come to the realization that their whole life they've been on the wrong plan. The wrong path, the wrong Life. They've set themselves up a road full of disappointment, of mixed messages and crossed signals and shattered hope. They thought they were Playing the Game, but they were really just Opting Out. Because the Future is all Social now. This is a Future where Networking is more important than Skills, where people collect other people, where only the familiar is seen as Refreshingly Creative and Worth Anything. Where if you do not have powerful, connected friends, in this world, if you do not whore yourself out with the fervor of a one-breasted Vegas hooker with thirty kids—you won't even show up as a blip on anyone's radar for longer than ten seconds. This is the Future of the Easily and Often Bored.

Some will change. They'll Act Out. They'll shoot up a school. They'll get Quirky. They'll create Enemies that Never Existed. They'll dabble in the Obscure. They'll find a niche, if they're lucky. But the world is rapidly running out of niches.

Some will find it difficult to change. They'll Go Through the Motions. They'll Escape from the World. They'll take it out on their families. They'll spend day after day in a Soul Sucking Job until everything that made them Them is gone. They'll tell themselves they never wanted to be Famous anyway. They'll say Life is Good. They'll shoot themselves in the face.

Everyone normalizes, in the end.
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here's an interesting view of the master's personality from someone who's several times been called one of the, if not "the" best master rpers on lj:

i find this particular bit very interesting:

emphasis mine )

i know you have no idea what i'm on about but i feel pretty vindicated right now.
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this is about where i'm at mentally right now writing cover letters. the book could not have come to my attention at a better time.

(#4 is my current favorite)
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final word count 50011 and 90% of it not crap! hopefully!

er, yeah.

Nov. 23rd, 2008 02:13 am
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i guess i have to point out that when i see something called "writer's block," i use it as an excuse to exercise my creative muscle and explore a certain aspect of the question that might actually lead down some entertaining and narrative path, and not necessarily to draft an entirely truthful and complete opinion piece that i expect to ultimately define me as a person.

by the way, and only tangentially related, some of you earth peoples are so very hard to love. :/
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i'm perfectly willing to entertain the idea that this is partly psychosomatic, but cigarette smoke has got to be one of the most powerful nasal irritants ever to make my acquaintance. the minute someone takes a teeny tiny, innocent puff in my direction i know it, and it's more than i can stand. because of my zero tolerance policy on exposing myself to cigarette smoke, my general reaction seeing anyone light up in a public place is to affix them with a gaze of the deepest, darkest scorn. it's the same sort of scorn i reserve for those who bring tantrum-prone children to restaurants and movie theaters. the same hairy eye i'll give those who walk their dogs without a poo bag handy (extra scorn points if the dog is off a leash, which automatically lowers the level of safety for everyone, including the dog). it's the same gesture of disbelieving, abject horror i might use when being dangerously cut off by a motorist, or a pedestrian going balls-out loud-and-proud and diagonally jaywalking across a bike circle that, you know, i happen to be in at the time.

the same thing always crosses my mind. do you not care about others? do you not care about yourself?

smokers who go places just to stand outside for fifteen minutes out of every hour, in the rain, wind, snow, air raid, nuclear fallout? i can't lie-- i do pity them. i wish it didn't have to be this way, that they'd be tied to an addiction so fierce they'd be willing to stand this level of scorn from the establishment they're supporting, complete strangers, family and friends, the media. i wish that protecting the lungs of everyone smart enough to stay away from cigarettes did not seem like such a punishment to those who decided to willfully ignore the detriments to themselves and those around them. i wish that there were more measures in place to get these people the help they need and deserve. gosh, it just doesn't seem fair.

but it's always their choice, in the beginning. it is their responsibility. they are not crack babies. they are not permanently disabled. this is not some terminal addiction and these people are not a hopeless case. my father quit smoking when i was very young, and i've never seen evidence of a cigarette since. and here's a newsflash for you: cigarettes? they do not taste like CANDY. this is not something that someone falls into accidentally. you want to smoke, you ignore the risks, you ignore the fact that it sucks ass the first few times you do it, and then you get addicted and all of a sudden i'm supposed to feel sorry that other people don't want to inhale your noxious death cloud. i guess this kind of behavior is just something that is very hard for me to understand.

i'm not saying that if you're a smoker i'm going to be an ass to you. people is people and we all have ridiculously off-putting habits. but if you light up around me, i'm gone. no amount of political correctness is worth getting cancer over.
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And then, in conjunction with the ball, there's an online auction, to support the Moth. Nine things are up for auction.

One of them is me.

Not literally. I mean, you don't get to keep me.

It's afternoon tea. At The Players Club.
Here's the link to the auction:

Enjoy Afternoon Tea with Neil Gaiman at The Players in Gramercy Park

There's two days to go on the auction -- it ends at Nov. 19, 2008 at 11:59 PM EST. Right now you can get afternoon tea with me for a bid over $350.

I hope whoever wins it is nice.

(from his latest blog entry)


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