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i'm still trying to figure out this livejournal thing.

Non curo. Si metrum non habet, non est poema.

java script:emoticon(':sleepy:')

WYSIWYG journal. Artsy journal located at . Feed to my Tumblog at [info]ans99tumblr.

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and people make you nervous! you'd think the world is ending!and:1) everybody's features have somehow started blending2) everything is plastic3) everyone's sarcastic4) all your food is frozen ((it needs to be defrosted))you'd think the world was ending right now!well maybe you should:1) just drink a lot less coffee 2) never ever watch the ten o'clock news3) a) kiss someone nice    b) lick a rock   c) bothand people are just people!they shouldn't make you nervous.the world is everlasting,                                            it's coming and it's going.

if: you don't toss your plastic
then: the streets won't be so plastic.

if: you kiss somebody
then: both of you'll get practice.

the world is everlasting!
put dirtballs in your pocket put dirtballs in your pocket and take off both your shoes!

1) people are just people
2) people are just people
3) people are just people

((like you))

-regina spektor

goodnight my beautiful little girl


[info]fallen_iceangel made this macro for me!:

sushi is love

aeryn sun is sex

robert englund is sex
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